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1. Analyze and Estimate

  • Upload your Blender Cycles project to our secure data stores and after a few minutes we offer you a price and duration estimate.
  • Pick the right frames, check the preview and schedule the rendering.

2. Render Your Project

  • We now execute your Blender Cycles project rendering and match the task with the best fitting compute resources on our rendering server farm.
  • We deliver you the best price and the fastest results.

3. Download Results

  • Get notified when the Blender Cycles project rendering is done, pay our quote and download your results.
  • We provide secure payments with all major payment methods including credit cards. (Powered by Stripe)

What Our Customers Are Saying

I enrolled in three places at the same time but ended up using Koala Farm because of ease of use, pricing and user friendly.

Lucas Haas

I’m new to render farms. Some other competitors are hard to use and without any estimate. Koala is super straightforward and fast. 10/10 I recommend it.


I will repeat it again and again: Absolutely excellent service and approach to the render farm. And the prices are super.

J. D.

Reliable and Affordable Rendering

Focus on your daily tasks and get your Blender Cycles project renderings done as quickly as necessary. No more surprises, with our transparent price quotes and the money back guarantee.

  • Price offer upfront: Avoid non-transparent Ghz / CPU threads pricing
  • Render always at best-price
  • Up to 3x more affordable due to our efficient use of resources
  • Latest security standards
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Get Faster Results

Our infrastructure uses the latest generation of Intel Server CPUs optimized for rendering your Blender Cycles projects. The render farm is built to scale fast and deliver your results automatically.

For example: We render the 7 frames of the Gooseberry benchmark shot within 5-7' at 2048x858 and 600 cycles.

The upfront price range is $1-2 USD. Which is on average 70% cheaper compared to other rendering farms on the market.

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Render Sustainable in the Cloud

Complete your Blender Cycles project renderings with zero CO2 emissions. We use high quality data centers resources, which are otherwise not being used.

Koala Farm is powered by Helio .
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